Essential Electronic Devices For Your Office

Your overseas client wants a copy of an important document immediately. You do not have the time to take a photograph of it with your smartphone and send the same to him via messenger, as he simply does not have the time to print it out, sign it, and file it. The fax is your saviour in such moments. Your customer will receive the document in a couple of minutes. Nobody bothers to think about the humble fax machine nowadays, but it remains an indispensable part of your office. By the way, the scanner that your executive is using to make digital copies of important office documents and save them on the cloud server is yet another important piece of office equipment. By the way, have you noticed that the laser printer is not giving quality printouts? Chances are that either the toner is exhausted or the printer drum needs replacement. On a different note, did you bother to think about the different printer manufacturers before purchasing the laser printer? It is surprising that people, in an attempt to save some money, opt for the cheapest printer available.

Times have changed

A couple of decades ago, laser printers were so costly that one would have thought twice before purchasing them. The dot matrix printer and the Inkjet were the rulers during those days. Times have changed a lot since then. Thanks to mass manufacturing and the sheer number of companies that manufacture laser printers, the price of this essential office equipment has dropped drastically. In the earlier days, laser printers had a print resolution of 300 dots per inch (DPI), which is unacceptable nowadays. Nobody bothers to think of purchasing printers that have a resolution of less than 1,200 DPI. Earlier on, one had to physically connect the desktop (laptops were extremely costly during those days) with the laser or inkjet printer using a cable. Nowadays one can opt for a WiFi capable laser printer and do away with the cables. One big printer has enough memory to take on several print commands at a go and not hang. The situation was not the same with the first generation laser printers that had a limited buffer space. By the way, your overseas client contacted you via a digital office phone. Just one number is sufficient, as the EPABX system on the main phone hunts for the first available phone on the network and connects the incoming call to it. If your colleague received the call, he could forward it to you by pressing a specific number on the keypad of the phone.

Things have changed for the better

We take electronic devices such as copiers, faxes, office phones, and printers as granted. Have we failed to see how they have helped us become more efficient and organised? A printing job on a dot matrix printer that would take hours is completed in a couple of minutes on a fast laser printer that spits out printed pages at the rate of 36 pages per minute, in colour as well.